Medieval Calligraphy Course 3rd – 5th May 2024


Weekend Course in the Prior’s Hall of Wenlock Abbey, Much Wenlock.

With Barbara Bodziony  – Following the popularity of Barbara’s calligraphy course at Wenlock Abbey last year, we are pleased to offer another, slightly longer course this year.

You can either be a complete beginner, or have some experience of calligraphy. The course runs from 2pm on Friday 3rd May to 12:30pm on Sunday 5th May and includes all the materials you will need, as well as tea/coffee and a light lunch on Saturday. You will need to find your own accommodation.


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In the ancient setting of the Great Hall at Wenlock Abbey, learn how to write in calligraphic script. Also learn something of the history of this ancient house, including the restoration programme carried out under the ownership of Louis de Wet, himself a fine calligrapher.

This year, the course will feature the Carolingian Minuscule script.



Barbara Bodziony writes: “Carolingian Minuscule is one of the most significant scripts of the Middle Ages. Developed in Frankish scriptoria in the eighth to nineth centuries, this elegant script became the prevailing style of writing for a long period. Readable, regular and with a relatively quick flow, it gained popularity in many European scriptoria. It is of great importance to the development of writing in the 15th century, and was used by the best calligraphers of the renaissance era. To this day, we still find letters in many fonts that are a reference to Carolingian Minuscule.

Beginners in calligraphy as well as those with some knowledge are equally welcome. Beginners will learn step-by-step basic letter forms, so that by the end of the workshop they will be able to write a whole quote. Those already familiar with the Carolingian Minuscule will be invited to take a closer look at the specific forms of capital letters written by the anonymous scribe of the beautiful 12th century Cluny Bible before working on their own whole-page project based on the bible’s script.”


BARBARA BODZIONY, is an honours graduate from the European Institute of Illumination and Manuscripts in Angers, France, and runs the School of Calligraphy and Illumination in Krakow, Poland. She works extensively on projects for museums and delivers calligraphy workshops throughout Europe, in particular at the Benedictine Priory of Tyniec, near Krakow. This will be her second year of courses at Wenlock Abbey – She returns by popular demand! With her knowledge of monastic scriptoria, as well as her fine calligraphic skill, Wenlock Abbey is proud to have her as a most fitting tutor for it’s calligraphy course in the Prior’s Hall.

Barbara Bodziony



There will be no more than 10 participants on this course, in order to ensure that everyone gets individual attention.

At 2:00pm on Friday, meet outside the front gates of Wenlock Abbey in the Bullring (there is no parking inside the grounds of Wenlock Abbey, but plenty of car parks within walking distance in the town). Here you will be welcomed and led up to the front of the house to meet your hostess, Gabrielle de Wet who will give you a brief description of the outside of the house before taking you inside and introducing you to your course leader, Barbara Bodziony. Barbara will outline the programme for the weekend, before she and Gabrielle take you on a brief tour of the house, ending in the Great Hall , where your course will take place. The day will end at 5:30pm.

On Saturday, the course will start at 10:00am in the Great Hall of Wenlock Abbey and run until 5:30pm with breaks for tea and coffee, and a light soup-and-sandwich lunch in the Lesser Hall, and you are welcome to walk around the grounds if weather permits.

On Sunday, the course will resume in the Great Hall at 10:00am and end at 12:30pm, and you will go home with a piece of work that you have created.